It Is With Deep Regrets to announce That The Western KY DX Assoc. Will No Longer Sponsor The KY QSO Party Print
Thursday, 21 August 2008 12:48

It Is With Deep Regrets TO Announce That The Western KY DX Association Will No Longer Sponsor The KY QSO Party.



The Western Kentucky DX Association will sponsor the Kentucky QSO Party in 2017. During the party the same station may be worked only once per band and mode, unless they are mobile. Stations may be worked again when they activate another KY county. All mobile stations must identify themselves as such so that fixed stations looking for new multipliers may more easily work them.

EXCHANGE: RS(T) and QTH (State, Canadian Province or DX). Kentucky stations send your 3-character county abbreviation as the QTH.

SCORING: KY contesters will work everyone and total the following as multipliers: States (50), KY counties (120), Canadian Provinces and DXCC Entities (See ARRL DXCC List--Less USA, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Do not count USA nor Canada as Countries; Alaska and Hawaii count as States Only). QSO points are: 2 for CW, 2 for Digital and 1 for SSB. Non-KY stations work KY stations only and will collect counties and KY QSOs. They will then multiply the number of counties by the number of QSO points (2 for CW, 2 for Digital and 1 for SSB). Each person will add any bonus points earned to his final score. Five hundred bonus points will be earned for working our Club station, KY4DXA, The 500 bonus points will be added only once to a person's score, regardless how many times KY4DXA is worked. All additional times will score normal QSO points. All stations are to combine QSO points before multiplying. Any mobile stations may add 1000 points to their final score for each Kentucky county activated, provided a minimum of 10 contacts are made from a county before moving on to the next county. KY stations may count KY as a state and their own county as a multiplier (provided they work a station within their state and county). ALL CATEGORIES ARE SINGLE TRANSMITTER. ANY LOG SUBMITTED OTHER THAN FOR A CATEGORY LISTED IN THE AWARDS SECTION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

FREQUENCIES: Operation must be limited to 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6 meters.

CW 1.815, 3.550, 7.025, 14.050, 21.050, 28.050, 50.090
SSB 1.855, 3.820, 7.240, 14.280, 21.390, 28.390, 50.190. (Plus or minus QRM)

AWARDS: Plaques will be awarded to the highest-scoring station in each of the following categories: KY Fixed Phone, KY Fixed CW, KY Fixed Digital, KY Fixed Mixed (CW, Phone or Digital. Any two will apply or you can work all three). KY Fixed Position Multi Operator Single Transmitter, KY Fixed QRP, KY Fixed Low Power 150 Watts or Less and KY High Power, KY Rover Phone, KY Rover CW and KY Rover Mixed (CW, Phone or Digital. Any two will apply or you can work all three). One plaque will go to the highest-scoring QRP Station (5 Watts or Less outside KY). One plaque will go to the highest-scoring Low Power (150 Watts or Less outside KY).One plaque will go to the highest-scoring U.S. Station outside KY. One plaque to the highest-scoring DX station (outside U.S.). A certificate will be awarded to the ham with the highest score in his/her state. Please be sure to add your address to your log if you wish to compete for this award.

SUBMITTING YOUR LOG: Logs will be accepted by E-mail. The preferred format for log submissions is Cabrillo and the deadline is December 31, 2017. Please send E-mail logs as an attachment with `urcall KYQP log` as the subject line to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If submitting a handwritten log via US Mail, include with your log a summary sheet.  If you wish to receive the results and or particitation certificate by mail please include $2 for postage. Mail your log to K4CMS, Larry R. Smith, 623 Shady Lane, Alvaton, KY. 42122 with a postmark no later than December 31, 2017. Please check the WKDXA web site at for more information.
Changes and/or updates will be posted by October 31, 2017


Have Fun and Good Luck to All !

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